sup homeslice. This site is in beta. Posts are drafts; streams of consciousness.
Better to have published and been Insulted & Humiliated than to have never published at all.


850 ml of insight

What’s in a Name? I take my ideas, insights, epiphanies, and curiosities, and then distill them into a post. That post is (or should be)  an understanding of something, synthesized (created) from two or more different insights. Also, I like chemistry, and the concept of synthesizing something that will result in enhanced cognition. So, insight-synthesis

Why? I like to think, and if I don’t jot an idea down or think deeply enough about it, it tends to stick around, never really going anywhere, but never really leaving my mind, either.

This site is where I drive that curiosity and thought process forward by forcing myself to write down, and as a consequence, really think about some ideas I have. As a bonus, it gives me a chance to put my ideas and opinions up for global criticism, and to share things that might help others.

Me? I like reading people’s About Me page, and apparently, you do too. Hey, we have something in common.

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