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In this file, cat is going to be female and referred to as her but this applies to male cats/dogs/fish/etc.

  • Any animal is afraid of entities (animals, humans, objects) bigger than itself and will be frightened if you display that you’re larger in size to her, hence she will react with aggression or fear at the sight of a larger creature. To avoid this, stood/crawl down to the cat’s level or somehow hide the majority of your body only exposing hands/fingers as the cat cannot distinguish that this body part is part of the larger whole (your finger is not attached to your entire body, as far as the feline is concerned.)
  • Stand up, open your shirt/jacket or somehow appear larger than the cat to invoke fear in her, but do so shortly before/during/after having a treat (cat food, catnip) with you. You want to override that a large creature is not a threat by override learned behavior that a larger animal is a threat by giving the feline a treat during or shortly after frightening her.
  • Let cat adapt to surroundings by reducing noise levels, ensuring air quality is good (avoid smoking tobacco or having open flames for better air quality.)
  • Let the cat roam around with nobody present. Any human or other pet (or smell of previously owned pet urine/fur/litter) will make the cat cautious about leaving her conform zone.
  • After a few days or weeks, if cat is left alone, she may begin to approach you on her own. This is a goos sign. Should the cat approach you, make no noise and no furtive movements. Simply put your hand out. This may frighten her at first, but keep your hand out and pet her behind the neck (where as a kitten, her mom would have carried her using her mouth.)
  • Try to use the same voice/tone with the cat while kneeling down. Use voice gently and if cat refused to acknowledge this call, let her be. Should she respond by peaking out or coming towards you, reward her with a treat or by petting her. Keep hand/arm as low as possible and let her approach it. As you would with a police officer, avoid furtive movements. This is beyond the scope of this article so I will include a short excerpt here:
    • The term Furtive Movement is vague and police use it often enough in any situation rendering it meaningless.
    • To rephrase this, do not make stealth/unexpected/quick/underhanded movements that may scare the cat. Your movements should be slow, visible to the observer (cat, officer, anyone) and predictable. An example of a furtive movement is quickly reaching into your pocket, having your hands up and doing a sly/quick move to touch your hands together or even your watch (reaching for something including your watch is a great way to get shot as the watch may actually be a specialized device (detonator, button to destroy device, etc.)
  • Let feline explore her [new] surroundings at her own pace. Use a single name/sound/voice with a consistent node to give her time ao acclimate
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