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Spend at least $10+ buying something you really want to eat. The healthier, more expensive, more ethnic – and anything else that may make it easier to justify eating the meal, the better.

Buy this meal, prepare it, unpack it, etc, and then have it sitting in front of you. Oh, and don’t eat it. Just sit.

DO NOT taste any part of the meal. Don’t even taste the ketchup packets.

DO NOT eat anything for the next 8 hours.

DO notice the smell and freshness of it.

DO make note of every justification you’re coming up with. (See list below)

Remember that this is a test of self-control, not healthiness, finances, or anything else. The cost of the meal is the cost of the experiment, not “a waste of money.” Yes there are starving kids in Africa, but when did you give a shit?

This will likely take a few tries, but try to 1up the last meal you failed to resist.

Justifications that may be going through your mind:

  • I’m wasting money
  • I’m wasting food
  • My mom/Gods told me never to throw food out.
  • I never tried food from this place
  • I never tried this dish/item
  • I’m gonna be awake for a long time so I should eat
  • I’m hungry. It’s not healthy not to eat
  • I need protein (or carbs, or fats, or calories, …)
  • I have dry mouth (water is OK but don’t fill yourself up)
  • I’m afraid of getting an ulcer (or some other medical condition)
  • I just drank coffee, alcohol or <insert other drug>, it’s better if I eat something with these drugs
  • I don’t have self-control, who cares?
  • I’ll try this again some other time
  • Just a bite (1 bite is justified same way as entire meal)

Notice that in the back of your mind, the goal that you will eat the food will remain. What’s stopping you from eating the food is your search for a reasonable justification. The point of the task is to stop this searching and just accept the unwanted end result – no soup for you.

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